Summer News from the President

I feel compelled to use far too many exclamation points in what follows! Luge like excitement isn’t what we’re normally used to during the summer at Redwood but I have lots of fun things to report-

Our next show is a very funny mystery comedy set at the audition for a community theatre production with auditions at the end of the month. The clues come out as the bodies pile up! You may have noticed that the director of our next show is also one of its authors. Keith McGregor has written and published numerous shows with his partner of 28 years Howard Voland. You can find out more about Keith and Howard’s work at

Capitol Grant

Thank you 4Culture! We have received notification that we have been selected to receive a capitol grant from the 4Culture program for the purchase of auxiliary lighting equipment; stands, dimmers, and instruments. Beyond giving us flexibility in lighting things at the Fred Meitzer space at the senior center this also opens up the possibility to do simple smaller things in smaller spaces in between our regular season of three shows.

2013 Season

Shows? Right! We do have a season selected- Alan Ayckbourn’s intricate comedy Bedroom Farce in February, Joseph Robinette’s dramatization of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Avonlea in April and a musical in the summer. Finally, we return to the work of author Alan Ayckbourn in the fall with his ingeniously set parallel stories in How the Other Half Loves. Expect more information about the 2013 season along with season ticket information in the coming months.

Did I say summer musical??! Yes! I said The Dinosaur Musical! There’s always lots to dance & sing about after a huge pretty flaming rock falls out of the sky; join us this time next year for a summer family musical that proves the point. Will the Treaty of Meat between the carnivores and the herbivores hold? The Dinosaur Musical is the work of brothers Robert and Willie Reale, known for their Tony┬« nominated Broadway musical retelling of A Year with Frog and Toad.

Theatre Upgrades

Splinters be banned! With support from Coinstar/Redbox (the nice people who count your change, rent you movies and keep coming up with an ever growing list of automated retail products and services) our venerable Mk I plywood risers that have supported Redwood audiences for the last 18 years are scrap. The Mk II is a continental style stackable folding riser custom built by volunteer elves in their workshop caves deep in the wilds of Redmond. The rake (the rise between rows) has been doubled to improve sight lines.

Do Something Good

Interested in volunteering to usher, set up chairs, or sweep up after? Paint something and then pick it up and move it someplace? Repeatedly and on cue? All of the above!?! Send a quick hello and send an email to and opportunities to say “sure!” or “not this time!”, with either being a reasonable answer, will suddenly begin to present themselves!

Tempus fugit!
Larry Goodhind, President
Redwood Theatre

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