Redwood Theatre’s mission is to foster the artistic efforts of the Redmond and greater Eastside performing arts community by producing entertaining, enriching, and educational theatrical experiences that stimulate and challenge audiences as well as the cast and production team. Redwood Theatre will remain respectful and responsive to the needs of the community and vigilant with our stewardship of the public fiduciary trust.

In recent years, Redwood Theatre has made significant improvements in adapting production selection and staging methods to our current home, and treating our subscribers not only as valued customers, but as true friends of Redwood. We have implemented programs to acknowledge Redwood’s appreciation of the directors’ and actors’ efforts, and to seek support from the local business community. We will focus on improvements in community involvement, accessibility, and financial support programs, as well as improving and expanding our programs and performance facilities.

Redwood Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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